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Write for us- REAL ESTATE, Finance & Banking Guest Post

by Radhe

Do you want to write for us REAL ESTATE? We are an indie blog that focuses on real estate topics and we would love for you to join our team.


One of the latest trends in Real Estate has been the ability to buy property via your computer, tablet, or phone. With this trend comes new opportunities for writers who can now create compelling articles about buying real estate remotely. We would love to have passionate writers like you contribute to our blog.


We are looking for writers who can write smart, engaging real estate articles that can help people from all over the world learn about the wonders of buying and selling real estate.  


As a writer for us you will be able to:


– Have the freedom to write about anything you like as long as it is relevant to Real Estate.


– Write on topics that interests you in your every day life, not just your job.


– Crafting compelling and informative real estate articles that can do wonders for our traffic [including search engine optimization].


Our current writers are all engaged with things like: home buying, home selling, and property management.


What is write for us?

Write for us is a place where you can create, publish, and monetize your real estate related articles. We are looking for writers who have the potential to write consistently with our blog and eventually grow the traffic to our site. We are also looking for writers who can contribute articles in other areas of real estate like business startups, real estate tips, finance, blogging tips, condo living, property management and more.


Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important to your business not only because of your audience but also because of the voice you are giving to your brand. Not only will this help you gain a larger audience, but it gives you an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with that audience. 


What is more valuable in the world of real estate? A high paying job or a large number of readers? If you are asking yourself this question then yes, we would love for our writers to have speaking opportunities on websites like this.


Why should you write for Our REAL ESTATE Section?

Writing for us is an excellent way to build your reputation, grow your business, connect with influencers and make a lot of money. We are looking for writers of all experience levels who do not have any restrictions that prevent them from writing at least one article per week.


Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

  1. Write an article of 100 words. (please make a point to not exceed that word count).
  2. Please do not copy paste anything from the internet. (make sure you do your research and write something new – think the next “how to make money online” or “how to become rich in 20 years”)
  3. Write in correct English and have good grammar. We will reject your article if you don’t follow this guideline.
  4. Try to be unique with your article content that is why we pay top dollar for guest post writing with high quality content and quick turnaround time..


Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to [email protected].