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Wood Carving Face: How to Carve a Face in Wood 4 Steps

by Charles James

If your overall design is discordant, then it won’t particularly matter how well the faces turn out. Hence, successful relief carving begins with a pleasing design. I find it helpful to look at master carvings, both old and new, and ask, “What makes this work? ” Timeless designs are typically well balanced, proportionate, and harmonious.

Use an ax or wood carving knife to shave off the sapwood to reveal the harder heartwood. This is Martin, I like to research, experiment, and learn new things related to wood carving and other kinds of woodworking. The grain is very important for carving faces, and basswood has a very “normal” grain with straight lines and uniform texture. This is both good and bad for carving faces, but it’s once again, a little more predictable.

In fact, you can narrow everything down to a single pocket knife, but in this section, we will give a more broad list of items that you can use when face carving. To conclude, you should probably try both, birch and basswood. Birch is a little more interesting to carve while basswood is a little better. There is no clear winner between the two, it’s just a matter of preference. If you use birch wood for your face carving you will probably have a good time carving.

The first half of the book focuses on how to carve particular facial features such as the nose, eyes and lips. In the second half you get to test your skills by a variety of projects such as carving a cowboy face, wood spirit, Santa, etc. Today we will share our list easy wood carving projects that are doable even if you are just starting out. Spoon carving instructor Shirley Adler will get you started making beautiful spoons to keep for yourself or give away. All you need are a few small scraps of wood and some common carving tools.

Once you know how to whittle shapes into existence by chiseling away in short straight motions, you will be able to make anything come to life. That’s the ideal point to transition into mastering curves. Whittling a heart presents an opportunity to exercise geometric whittling and transition to crafting curves.

With illustrated instructions and detailed patterns, this book will guide you through every step. Select from any of the fully detailed projects for carving sun, dogs, cherub and others. In this book, he shares over 25 amazing designs and projects for woodcarving. From flat rings, to linked cages, to magic spheres and beyond—this is a book that will keep woodcarvers challenged for a long time!

I reinforced it, added extra drawers, and modified it with a peg-board system to keep panels from moving. Additional tools include Irwin quick grips, C-clamps, or bench dogs to hold your panel in place. Before his days with NOVICA, Buana sold his jewelry designs door-to-door in the tourist areas of Bali. Business was tough, and local store owners were often slow to pay.

First, you need to pick out a log that will work for a wall hanging. This is a good project for using a hollow log that you may have hand, but it doesn’t have to be hollow to work. I am using catalpa, but any wood that can endure the weather outside will do.

Evoking beasts of ancient myths, this traditional alebrije sculpture from Mexico is created by Teresita Gonzalez. Hand-carved from copal wood, a majestic owl spreads its colorful wings, featuring a… This serene depiction of Buddha is created by Wayan Rendah in Bali. The two-sided sculpture is rendered in the traditional Balinese image of Buddha, which features tightly curled hair, elongated ears… Bringing enlightenment and wisdom, the Buddha represents a religion of self-denial, universal brotherhood and peace.

Birch wood is especially good for carving spoons, bowls, and spirits. To whittle your first carving face you need to first plan it out. Round the edges off the top of the wood to form the head. When rounding out the shape of the face, keep in mind your plans for mother’s day wood carving the hair. Measure out how much wood you need to leave above the hairline to carve whatever hairstyle you plan on giving the face. Using a knife or chisel, gradually cut away the excess wood from the top of your piece until it is about level with the ears.

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