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Weathered Wood Heritage Series Shingle Colors

by Charles James

This is such a delight to see I am not alone when it comes to sweating over the shingles color. Im sorry you had to go through it too, but we are wiser for it!! Just the slightest hint of a different tone can throw off the entire roof!! I think I am going to go with the pewter gray ulta timberline or metal, depending on price.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about doing a different roof color than your neighbor when your siding and stone will be different than theirs. I promise nobody is going to look at the two houses and think, “Oh look, they have the same color of roof…” Trying to decide on something from the CertainTeed Landmark Shingle line southeast color selections. Would Cobblestone Gray would work for this house – why or why not?

Shingles are granted a rating of Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on the degree of impact they can withstand without cracking. The criteria for a Class 4 rating is whether a 2-inch steel ball dropped from a height of 20 feet directly onto the shingle being tested cracks through the shingle. If not, the shingle receives Class 4 impact rating. To achieve Class 3 rating, the shingle must withstand a 1 ¾-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet.

American Classic supplied and installed this beautiful roof. The shingles used are CertainTeed Landmark, in the color Weathered Wood. In hindsight, after going through what youre going through, in some ways the close up details of the shingles really don’t matter. It’s what it looks like from a distance and how much of the roof you can see that’s important. And here are my final choices at the warehouse IN the direct sun.

What’s worse for me, is not only do I have 2-tone brick (in a powdery peach + pale powdery red), I have to deal with Maize siding on my 2nd storey which was a popular colour in the 80s. I currently have dark brown gutters and a faded 3-tab roof in a rustic brown. I am trying to update my home by removing the brown and replacing it with a light-to-mid tone grey as my new neutral.

If you stick to this general rule your options are shades of black, gray, and brown shingles. I have a cookie cutter 2 story house and went form Oak wood-I think to Williams burnt plywood countertop burg gray and I see now that estate gray does have a green tone to it-I was thinking about that one as well! Glad I didn’t greenish is not in my color pallet.

I simply wanted a medium grey roof, as close to one color as possible. I kept asking the roofer, don’t you have any grey? And he politely said “Ma’am, this is how roof shingles are now, they have shading, to make them look more like a thatched roof”. This Normal IL house uses dark brown roof and trim to pull richer blue tones out of the siding.

If I had to pick a winner I would personally go with the GAF Timberline shingle line over the Landmark shingles, but that is largely based on preferences in shingle colors. Both shingles are very well made, and when properly install by a certified contractor, you are getting a quality product. When you work with Fowler Homes, your roofer will discuss multiple shingle options with you to help decide which shingle brand and style will work best for your wants and needs. Landmark PRO provides the reliable quality of Landmark, along with greater durability and eye-catching Max Def colors.

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