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Top 22 Things To Do In Mount Airy North Carolina

by Sophia Jennifer

But we know the stories of some of the very early families now who helped open the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia. We know the stories of some of the families who came down that road at great personal peril to carve the communities we live in today from the virgin timberland. But there are exhibits here that speak of individuals, Donna’s music, Andy’s laughter, the Bunkers’ resilience.

Another place to visit and learn is the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, which includes a visitor center and the 10-acre Elizabethan Gardens. Much of the Victorian commercial architecture was rebuilt and remains today as one of the most intact and historically and architecturally significant commercial downtown areas in the state. Self-guided walking tours are available to explore authentically restored and furnished buildings, and there are usually costumed historical interpreters and craft demonstrations to take part in. There are multiple ways to explore downtown Wilmington, including a walking tour with Tour Old Wilmington or a horse-drawn carriage ride tour by Springbrook Farms. Reynolda House, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was the home of Katharine and R.J. Involved in both the design and construction, Katharine envisioned a progressive, self sustaining country farm and estate built upon the selected 1,000 acre land outside of Winston-Salem.

The Andy Griffith Museum is located next to the Andy Griffith Theater a mile from downtown Mount Airy. There is a town named Mayberry in Patrick County, Virginia but if you want to visit Mayberry, you’re probably looking for Mount Airy in Surry County North Carolina. Some locations were even used as filming locations for the show. I won’t comment on the authenticity of the locations but you’ll find Floyd’s Barber Shop, Opie’s Candy Store, Emmit’s Fix-It Shop and Wally’s Service Station.

Next door to the park the Bark & Meow Pet Spa features a bronze baby giraffe at its entrance. Across the street, a few doors down, is the infamous Barney’s Café with its cozy counter service and Deputy Fife memorabilia. Next to Barney’s is the Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce notable for a car traveling with constant speed travels 150 km in 7200 s. what is the speed of the car? the old-fashioned clock tower that sits at the corner of Moore Avenue and main Street. If you don’t care about Andy Griffith, the small town will be a quick stop. Those who grew up loving the Andy Griffith Show will want a little more time to experience all the things to do in Mayberry.

On May 11, 1811, to Chinese parents in the village of Meklong, Siam . At birth, and for the rest of their lives, the twins were connected at the chest by a band of flesh. This exhibit, created by the Surry Arts Council, shares a history of Eng and Chang’s lives.

The demolished Myers Street School, once the Queen City’s only African-American public school, inspired its outer aesthetic. Inside, you’ll find exhibits dedicated to Black history, art, and culture in North Carolina and beyond. Explore the town’s 16 different museums and historic sites, including the Burwell School Historic Site and the Historic Occoneechee Speedway Trail, a walking trail and important place in NASCAR history. Of all the historic towns in North Carolina, Hillsborough might have the richest political history, dating back to the Colonial and Revolutionary periods. Tryon, Wake, Queen, King, and Churton are all street names that harken back to these eras.

It began as a way to support a no-kill, cage-free shelter for cats in need. Satisfy your curiosity by visiting some of our state’s wild, wonderful, and yes, sometimes wacky museums, big and small. A museum honoring the work of what tv icon is located in Mount airy,…

Today, you can tour his former home, where you’ll find original family furnishings, historic artifacts, and more inside. Greensboro’s International Civil Rights Museum memorializes a courageous moment in our history—the sit-in movement. Today, you can stroll through the museum which remembers the A&T Four and the American Civil Rights Movement through exhibits and videos. The Gantt’s location and design offers quite a bit of insight into Black history in Charlotte.

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