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Style Your Feet with These Trendy Jutti & Sandals

by Ethan More

Well, let’s talk about sandals and juttis, that’s one of our favourite summer fashion themes. Even though the season has still not ended, the coolest footwear has already flooded the market. Since the weather permitted us to show off our feet, we have witnessed the comeback of traditional designs as well as several common footwear trends that required some getting used to (cue the parade of thong sandals).

Ultimately, the much more fashionable designer sandals and juttis for women right now are those that incorporate all the key fashion trends of the day, such as heeled mules, simple straps inspired by the ’90s, and ultra-saturated colours, demonstrating that nothing excites the fashion set like a good pair of shoes trend.

We even have a fairly decent idea of which designer sandals and juttis will define 2022, with just a few more weeks to go until scorching weather. We’ll spotlight the particular looks from Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop that are unquestionably the most well-liked here. These are the favoured footwear items that the fashion set can’t stop wearing, ranging from podiatrist-recommended flats to sigh-revenge heels.

Jewelled Juttis

You have to have a set of juttis with small or huge sparkling gems if you are getting married or must attend a wedding celebration. A pair in gold, silver, or a variety of colours would work well with most of your attire.

The entire appearance of couture is enhanced by these embroidered juttis. Why do we consider these essential pairs? They are lovely and quite clear. They go well with drapes, skirts, crop tops, angrakha outfits, and sarees.

Tie-Up Juttis

This is the ideal time of year to add something fantastic to your collection. Markets are swamped with these juttis. Numerous pairs might even include pompoms.

Tie-up juttis allow you to highlight your legs and feet. They are the perfect match for summer outfits and Indo-Western pants. They enhance the appearance with little effort.

Printed Juttis

If you frequently wear traditional clothing, printed juttis for women are a necessity. Juttis will keep you comfy and add style to your attire, whether you’re attending a family event or your business.

Most women hate wearing heels, but they want to stand out with ethnic clothing. Consequently, that’s where printed juttis are essential.

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are a stylish option for business casual attire. They either have a single height wedge sole or a wedge sole that tapers from high in the back to low in the front. They are, nevertheless, a highly solid shoe overall, and they are also very comfy (unlike high heels). Despite how they may appear, they have a wider base and a superior overall base for stability.


Flip-flops are simple to acquire and well-liked all across the world. They are really handy and affordable! Other than the “typical” plastic and rubber, flip-flops are available in a variety of forms and materials. They are available in simple to sophisticated styles.


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