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by Charles James

It puts out quite a lot of heat, but isn’t really an option for cooking. If you’re mainly looking for the ambiance of a fire, this is a great option to consider. Because smokeless fire pits greatly reduce the smoke produced by the fire, you won’t notice much of a smoke smell around the fire or on your clothes. According to Hancock, smoke is particulates of unburned wood, and these particulates are burned off in the secondary combustion process used in smokeless fire pits.

BTU is the standard unit of measure for heat, but knowing that doesn’t tell you how warm it makes you while you’re sitting at it. Using a pellet fire pit instead of wood is a different experience. The smell can be different, especially if you throw in some pellets designed for wrought iron fence with wood slats smoking meats, and the fire feels more intense. The Pit Boss pellet fire pit kept me warm even from 6 feet away on a brisk November morning and the pellets lasted a good long while before they needed a refill. It says its stainless steel so it should hold up to the elements.

We wish it had a removable ash tray like many of the other best smokeless fire pits on our list. This smokeless fire pit offers an eye-catching design that complements a variety of patio styles. It offers enough radiant heat to accommodate a group of people, making it great for barbecues and outdoor hosting. While most of our selections are wood-burning fire pits, there is something to be said for propane choices.

They are also easier to clean and don’t require any other objects to get them going. Not unlike other patio furnishings such as gas grills and electric smokers, fire pits come in many shapes and sizes to meet specific needs. We referenced independent customer reviews and compared these with third-party testing results, and took into account our own experience after using models on this list.

Pellets burn more evenly than wood chunks so the ash never has unburned lumps. I think I like pellet pits more than wood now, and the Pit Boss has helped me in that decision. It rings the fire pit’s outer edge and spans a diameter of 29.5 inches. The plate gets hot enough to cook burgers, chicken and other savory items, and you can also use it to heat pots, pans and skillets. Executive Editor David Carnoy has been a leading member of CNET’s Reviews team since 2000.

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