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Landscape Design Andover, MA Phillips Academy

by Charles James

Your walk should not slope more than 10 percent; keep it between one and five percent for the most comfort. Leave enough of a buffer zone of about two feet around your pathways comprising ground cover, lawn area, mulch or crushed stone. Everyone wants to be the envy of the neighborhood with a rich, green carpet of lawn in the front yard. Once you’ve seeded and the lawn is starting to get established with watering 10 minutes a day, don’t neglect a weekly soaking that encourages roots to extend deeper into the soil. You may be tempted to give your yard a quick sprinkle of water daily, but this won’t do as much good as a longer watering once weekly.

And because Andover Landscape Design and Construction manages the entire project, the typical disconnects between the trades are eliminated ultimately providing clients with a seamlessly executed project. A critical part of front yard landscaping is having a design that flows naturally. Think about how people actually get to your front door, side door, or garden area Sometimes a straight or overly curved line is just unnatural. Keep your walkways fluid to keep visual interest and make the design practical. Walkways and pathways should feature natural access patterns that follow the rhythm of your yard. If you don’t, kids, pets and visitors will make their own way, forcing them onto the lawn and mulch areas where you may not want foot traffic.

Our professional and friendly landscaping contractors are always happy to serve the Andover, MN, community. We emphasize quality over quantity and strive to heighten every property’s eloquence. No matter the size or scope, we’re confident we can handle your project with confidence and ease. Our service starts with a free estimate and ends with a beautiful landscape you’re sure to take pride in. We can help you take the stress out of the planning process with our event prep services.

Understanding that the landscape design must complement the rest of the property’s architecture and surrounding environment, the design team carefully creates a well-thought-out plan to execute the job requested by its clients. Every project is architecturally-driven by a site plan that is hand-rendered to achieve the rich feel of a true original. Classically-trained and mentored by some of the industry’s best, Andover Landscape Design and Construction’s in-house landscape architect brings true artistry to the design process. Landscape Innovation are specialist hard landscaping professionals based in Andover who provide inspiration, design and installation services to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Established in 1983 Tony Britton landscaping is a family run garden landscaping company with a passion for working with our customers to create beautiful, bespoke gardens. We can provide anything from a shed base to a complete garden makeover and everything in between.

Cute little shrubs in front of the picture window of your home look adorable now but what about in 10 years when they block out all sunlight from your living room? Add bright blooms amongst the permanent architectural features so you can switch out the look each year depending on mood and surrounding decor. From holiday plantings to stunning entryways, you’re guaranteed to have the best-looking house on the block this holiday season. Take advantage of New England’s beautiful four-season climate with our seasonal design services.

From touching up your existing landscaping to adding new features that complement the theme of your event, we’ll help you impress all your guests. When properly designed, your outdoor spaces should feel like an extension of your living space–a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy life. At Samantha’s Gardens, we can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces that feel cohesive and perfectly complement your home or business.

From Landscape Innovation we have created a sister company, Ambient Garden Rooms. With the great output that we have provided over the years, we take pride in our work and customers are also satisfied. To discover how our expert Andover landscapers have transformed your neighbors’ and friends’ properties, look through our gallery today! “Excellent work carried out and the finished product looks brilliant. We have had many people viewing it and all are very impressed. We would never dream of going to another company for work of a similar nature.” Read homeowners reviews before hiring the Landscape Architect or Designer to help with your project in Andover.

Our horticulturalists and design experts take advantage of great products and appropriate techniques to create a garden to enjoy for years to come. From irrigation systems to walkways, certified professionals make your space for fantastic outdoor adventures. A lush lawn surrounding the pool and patio is punctuated by large swatches of summertime perennials including black-eyed Susan, pink and white coneflowers, and catmint. Transplanted hosta, iris, and peony from the existing garden complement new plantings like spirea, astilbe, and liriope. At the yard’s perimeter, ferns and river birch facilitate the transition from a slightly manicured look to the natural wooded area.

These are all considered architectural features and they tend to be the most costly and permanent of your front yard landscape. While you can’t always incorporate all of these elements (think pergolas, trellises, retaining walls, etc.) at once, you could plan bicycle names to add one feature each year until you get where you want to be. Trees, shrubs and ground covers are much less permanent but they still take time to grow and nurture. Plan for that inevitable growth by researching what kind of layout you want well beforehand.

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