RealEstateGet Your Groove On: Tips for Hosting an Epic BCY Party!

Get Your Groove On: Tips for Hosting an Epic BCY Party!

Are you looking to throw an unforgettable party that will leave your guests talking for weeks to come? If so, hosting a BCY party is the way to go! BCY, which stands for Beer, Cocktails, and Yoga, is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to combine the fun and social aspects of a traditional party with the health and wellness benefits of yoga. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete newbie, hosting a BCY party can be a unique and exciting way to bring your friends together. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for hosting an epic BCY party that will have everyone feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to party!

Setting the Stage

Before you send out your invites, it’s important to have a plan in place for how you want your BCY party to go down. Consider the following factors when planning your event:


Choose a space that is spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests for both the yoga session and the party afterwards. Outdoor spaces like backyards or rooftops can be great for BCY parties, as they provide plenty of room to move around and enjoy the fresh air.

Yoga Instructor:

Hiring a professional yoga instructor to lead the session is key to ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Look for an instructor who is experienced in teaching beginners and who can tailor the session to the needs of your guests.


Create a playlist of upbeat and energetic songs to set the mood for both the yoga session and the party. Consider incorporating some chill tracks for the yoga portion and then ramping up the energy levels for the party afterwards.

The Yoga Session

The yoga session is the cornerstone of any BCY party, so it’s important to make sure that it’s inclusive, engaging, and accessible to everyone. Here are some tips for making the most of your yoga session:

  • Beginner-Friendly Poses: Choose poses that are beginner-friendly and that can be modified for different fitness levels. Focus on poses that promote relaxation and flexibility to help your guests unwind and de-stress.

  • Breathing Exercises: Incorporate breathing exercises into the session to help your guests connect with their breath and cultivate a sense of calm and presence.

  • Partner Poses: Encourage social interaction and connection by incorporating partner poses into the session. Partner poses can be a fun way for guests to bond and support each other during the practice.

The Party

After the yoga session is over, it’s time to transition into the party portion of the evening. Keep the positive vibes flowing with these tips:

  • Refreshments: Provide a selection of refreshing beverages for your guests to enjoy after the yoga session. Consider offering a signature cocktail that ties in with the theme of the party.

  • Healthy Snacks: Offer a variety of healthy snacks like fruit, vegetable platters, and nut mixes to keep your guests fueled and satisfied throughout the evening.

  • Games and Activities: Keep the energy levels high by incorporating games and activities into the party. Consider setting up a DIY cocktail bar or organizing a dance party to get everyone moving and grooving.

  • Relaxation Station: Create a relaxation station where guests can unwind and chill out after the party festivities. Provide comfy seating, soft lighting, and aromatherapy oils to help guests relax and rejuvenate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need to be experienced in yoga to attend a BCY party?

A: Not at all! BCY parties are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all levels of yoga experience, from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Q: What should I wear to a BCY party?

A: Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely during the yoga session. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one.

Q: Can I drink alcohol at a BCY party?

A: While BCY stands for Beer, Cocktails, and Yoga, it’s important to drink responsibly and in moderation. Hydrate well and know your limits.

Q: How long does a typical BCY party last?

A: The duration of a BCY party can vary depending on the host and the schedule of events. Plan for at least a 90-minute session that includes both yoga and party time.

Q: Can children attend a BCY party?

A: BCY parties are typically adult-oriented events, but some hosts may choose to make them family-friendly. Check with the host beforehand if you’re unsure about bringing your kids.

Hosting a BCY party can be a fun and memorable experience for both you and your guests. By following these tips and incorporating your own personal touches, you can create an epic event that combines the best of fitness, relaxation, and social interaction. So roll out your yoga mat, mix up a cocktail, and get ready to get your groove on at your next BCY party!

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