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Ask a Dermatologist: Is Noxzema Bad for Your Skin?

by Charles James

Salicylic acid effectively clears and cleans skin pores. Moreover, it helps remove the skin’s outer layers as it is also a keratolytic agent. The United States Department of Health and Human Services stated that using Noxzema is relatively safe when used as directed.

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Years, then decades, went by and Procter & Gamble didn’t know what to do with Noxzema. Executives stumbled from here to there, treating their high-priced trophy as if it were some sort of enigma after the next generation of Buntings found other interests. This is what Noxzema’s once-famous shaving cream line looks like these days …in 2015. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after seeing the in-store prime shelf display. I grabbed a jar of the gentler moisturizing variety (12 ounces for $3.97), placed it in the basket, and figured I’d get around to it sometime this week. It barely took a day or two before I was buried in old newspaper articles, following charitable donation trails, and examining historical legal structures.

Liquid cleansers are considered gentler than cleansing bars because they also contain milder surfactants. Cleansing creams are excellent at depositing moisturizers on the skin, and often contain emollients like petrolatum, vegetable oils and waxes. Foaming washes are water-based cleansers that foam when dispensed through an aerated pump. They are cosmetically appealing because of their light consistency which allows them to be easily rinsed. Noxzema’s products contain a variety of moisturizers to keep the skin extra smooth and hydrated while you cleanse.

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